Trading at a market

How to book a stall


For stall enquiries on the general market, trading pitches, farmers' market and annual charity and plant market, please contact the market supervisor:

You can also complete the stall enquiry form.

Casual traders

Casual traders are welcome on the general market, but please contact us in advance to check stall availability.

Farmers market

Stalls on the farmers market always need to be booked in advance.



Antique market or flea market

For stall enquiries on the antique market or flea market contact the Antique Forum Group:

Casual traders are welcome but please book in advance. You can also complete the stall enquiry form.



What information is needed?

  • proof of identity, such as a passport or driving licence
  • proof of address, such as utility bill or credit card statement
  • proof of minimum £5m public liability insurance
  • details of what you want to sell
  • if you are a food trader, evidence of your registration as a food business