Community centres

Ramsey Road Community Centre


Ramsey Road Community centre, 
Cross Heath, 
ST5 9BJ 

Contact name

Kirsty Viggars-McQueen

Contact details

  • Telephone: 07305 101165
  • Email:


The main hall, including the use of the kitchen is available at £20 per hour. 

Charges for the education resource centre and office are available on request. 


50 people in the main hall.


The main hall, education resource centre and the office are open until 9pm. 

The centre has the following facilities: 

  • Main hall  
  • Kitchen 
  • An education resource centre with: 
    • 6 PCs 
    • Broadband connection (this is a secure connection that has parental control and restricts access to certain sites) 
  • An office with one PC 
  • A terrace area with a gazebo 
  • An outdoor play area
  • Parking