Newcastle-under-Lyme borough heroes awards

Top tips for making your nomination stand out

Who are you nominating?

Make sure you include the name of the nominee and their contact details.

What do they do that makes you think they deserve recognition?

Specific examples will help support the nomination.

Why do they stand out to you?

Think of how they compare to anyone else's contributions in the community.

When did they undertake these activities?

Are they recent, completed, ongoing etc...

Where do they do what they do?

Is it in a specific part of the borough or across the whole area?

How have they made a difference?

What is the impact of what they do and how is yours or your community's life better for it?

Is there a lasting legacy or improved situation for others?

Can you put in some figures?

For example:

  • how many people benefit from the nominee’s contribution?
  • is there a cumulative effect - for example by inspiring ten others to coach football, 100 children can now participate, or by teaching lifesaving skills or raising charitable funds etc.
  • the scale of impact, or positive change

Please note: if the person carries out these services/activities as part of their paid employment, they will not meet the shortlisting criteria, but if you feel that their contributions go above and beyond what they are paid to do your nomination must demonstrate this.