Register of locally important buildings and structures

Selection criteria for local register

We have selection criteria and a scoring system which buildings or structures must meet to be included on the local register. A score of 7 marks out of 10 will allow the building to be added to the register. These criteria are:


  • Whether the building is substantially unaltered/does it retain original features?
  • Has it a purity of form?
  • Has its character remained?

(Up to 2 marks)

Architectural interest

  • Is the building typical in style, or of a certain architectural period?
  • Does it have good quality architecture/craftsmanship?

(Up to 2 marks)

Historic interest

  • Has the building any association with the community or village?
  • Has it got an important social significance?
  • Does it lie in a conservation area?

(Up to 2 marks)

Visual importance

  • Is the building visually prominent or are these significant views of the building?
  • Does it have group value with other buildings?

(Up to 2 marks)

Community value

  • Has the building been nominated by community groups, parish councils or schools?

(2 marks)