One Council

What is One Council?

One Council is our biggest ever transformation programme. We will be changing the way in which we organise work, driving a different culture and looking at technology requirements. We will be creating a new operating model for the way in which we deliver services and look to improve the way that we interact with our customers to provide the most efficient and effective service.  

Why are we doing this? 

Previous years have given us many challenges. We have seen a difficult time for staff and residents, however we continue to celebrate the hard work and dedication which has gone into continuing to provide excellent services, under undeniably difficult circumstances. The challenges we have faced have proved that we as a council are resilient, innovative, and flexible and these are qualities and attributes which we want to harness, promote, and develop as we look to the future.  

We have a duty to ensure that everything we do adds value to the residents of the borough and drives us closer to achieving our council plan and vision. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the needs of our residents and partner organisations have changed. Consequently, how we interact with them also needs to change. Further to that we also face a big financial challenge as we deal with the longer-term impact of COVID-19.  

How will this change take place?

The change will take place in many formats, all areas of the council will be assessed and analysed to see if they are working in the most efficient and effective ways. We will be looking at ways to work cross council and redesigning roles, to fit the new way of working. We will be looking at the technology that we have and how we use it.