One Council

Our design principles

Establish line of sight to strategic outcomes

  • Ensure there is a clear sense of purpose and alignment at all levels across the organisation and everyone understands their role in that purpose.
  • Ensure that we make evidence-based decisions that will have the greatest impact on our strategic ambitions for our community and track quality of service delivery and organisational productivity.
  • Ensure that we set out clear lines of accountability to empower decision making at the right levels within the council.

Delivery in partnership

  • Internally we work better together, focusing on the needs of our customers to deliver efficient and appropriate service to our community.
  • Externally we work with our communities to understand and address their needs, as well as recognising that we need to work with others to achieve this.
  • We need to trust our partners and work together to achieve the outcomes for our community.

Proactively manage demand

  • We need to use intelligence and insight, including understanding our customer journeys, to identify where better public information, advice and guidance will stop unnecessary contact.
  • Additionally use the insight to look forward and manage peaks and troughs of demand, freeing capacity to refocus on priorities.
  • Recognising that changing the way we work (i.e. more digitally) will not itself reduce demand, but we need to work with the community to build resilience and support them to do more for themselves.

Efficient and effective ways of working

  • Understand that being commercial as an organisation means the ability to create income from the services we deliver but also about the mind-set of providing value for money.
  • Developing a learning culture to always challenge why things are done the way they are.
  • Build on the experience of agile working to recognise that change is constant and we will need to evolve.
  • Create greater opportunities for staff to grow and play to their strengths.
  • Embed a culture of trust ensuring employees have the confidence to be creative and explore options to get things done.

Digital delivery

  • Ensure we can personalise the service for our most vulnerable residents and those that need help.
  • Continuously explore how developments such as AI and automation can improve both service delivery and cost to deliver.
  • Use digital workflow and processing to help provide end to end solutions where possible, break down the silos, share knowledge and respond to customer needs.
  • Ensure consistency of approach across the council.

Customer focused

  • Understand our communities and customers better.
  • Engagement is continuous to develop analysis and insight into trends.
  • Ensure we have consistent customer journeys across the council so customers know what to expect, and from whom. Use the insight to manage customer expectations and have clarity on what we do and do not do.

Empowering people

  • Empower the community to help themselves and build resilience.
  • Recognise that there are different perspectives to be considered that are valid and informative.
  • Build an employer brand that is focussed on being flexible, adaptable and business friendly.
  • Recognise that change is constant and managing this change both internally and externally is a core competence for the council.