Risk and insurance

Insurance claims

If you are a solicitor enquiring about our insurance details and have a portal ID for employers liability and public liability claims, our current appointed insurance claims handler is Travelers Insurance Ltd.

Legally represented claims occurring from 28 February 2016 onwards, on claim notification forms (CNFs) should be submitted via the portal.

The portal ID is: C00157.

Any accidents prior to 28 February 2016, on claim notification forms (CNFs) should be submitted via the portal with ID: D00019.

Pavement trip and pothole damage

Please follow the claims process from Staffordshire County Council for pavement and road claims.

Where a pavement trip or vehicle damage involves a contractor or public utility such as gas, electricity or water, please contact them directly as they are responsible for their own insurance arrangements.

Fraud statement

It is an offence to make a fraudulent claim for financial loss or personal injury or to exaggerate one. We have a duty to protect public funds and will use the information you provide for the detection and prevention of fraud. Our agents and ourselves may share this information with other government, legal and insurance bodies for these purposes. We may also share this information with other bodies for the auditing or administration of public funds for these purposes.