Council Tax appeals

Appealing against your bill

As a first step you should contact us. Please include your name, address and explain why you think your bill is wrong.

We will contact you with our decision. Your payments must continue to be made in accordance with your bill while you wait for our decision.

If you think our decision is wrong, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. This is an independent appeals tribunal, funded by parliament to handle council tax and rating appeals in England.

There are time limits for appealing to the tribunal. These are:

  • two months after we told you our decision
  • four months from when you first wrote, if you hear nothing from us

For further information on appealing, see the Valuation Tribunal website.

You can also get free independent advice about appealing against your council tax bill from Citizens Advice.

Contact the Council Tax team

If you have any questions about Council Tax, please contact us by filling in a short form.

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