Barking dogs

If you have received a complaint

If you have had a complaint made about your dog barking, it will be investigated by us. It is important that you try and find out when your dog is barking, and for how long. We will take steps to investigate the issue with you, and the person who has raised the complaint. The RSPCA have information about barking dogs and potential reasons your dog may be barking.

You could also take your dog to the vets, they may have a build up of ear wax in their ears, or other health issues that may need addressing. 

Whilst we will assist and help to invesitgate the complaint, if steps are not taken to mitigate the issues, and we agree that the noise reaches the threshold of a statutory nuisance, further enforcement action may be taken. Action could be community protection warnings/notices or noise abatement notices, requiring you to take action for the noise to be reduced to an acceptable level. Failiure to comply with the notices and warnings may result in a fine and ultimately, prosection.