Unauthorised traveller and gypsy sites

An unauthorised traveller or gypsy site is an encampment of caravans and/or other vehicles on land without the landowner or occupier's consent. 

Unauthorised sites or encampments fall into two main categories:  

  • those on land owned by local authorities (car parks/ parks and open spaces)
  • those on privately owned land

Sites we are aware of

Seabridge Lane/Whitmore Road

  • 15 August 2022: Initial visits have been made to the site and welfare checks started
  • 16 August 2022: The group remain at the location despite being issued a Section 77 notice to leave the land. We will now look to get the next available court date
  • 16 August 2022: A court date has now been confirmed for the 17 August at 9.30am. A copy of the court application has been served on the encampment

Report an unauthorised site

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