Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) licences

Do I need an HMO licence?

If an HMO has 5 or more occupiers, it is a licensable HMO and the landlord must apply for a licence.

Also, HMO landlords must meet management regulations requiring them to:

  • give their contact details to the tenants, contact details and emergency contact numbers should also be displayed in the property
  • keep fire escapes clear and maintain firefighting equipment and alarms
  • ensure that the property design and structure will not cause any injury
  • provide adequate, uninterrupted water supply and drainage
  • provide adequate supply of gas (if any) and electricity
  • have gas and electrical safety certificates, provided by a member of a ‘competent person’ scheme
  • keep the property and any shared gardens in good repair
  • provide suitable rubbish disposal

We carry out inspections following a complaint from a tenant as well as programmed inspections.