Sports facilities

Tennis courts

Westlands tennis court

We have free to use tennis courts at the following sites:

  • Wolstanton Park
  • Westlands Sports Ground

All courts at Wolstanton Park and Westlands Sports Ground have undergone a refurbishment due to a generous grant from the LTA.

In the event of extreme heat conditions all courts at Westlands Sports Ground and Wolstanton Park may be closed without notice to protect the playing surface from damage.

The courts will remain open during the winter months, but please note that the courts and surrounding paths will not be treated and everyone using the courts plays on them at their own risk.

Tennis Coaching

We Do Tennis Coaching company will be delivering coaching courses for juniors and adults at Westlands Sports Ground. Please go to We Do Tennis website for further information and booking details

Westlands Sports Ground

All tennis courts at Westlands Sports Ground are now available to book to use for free sessions.

For further information please see the LTA Tennis for Britain web site and search for Westlands Sports Ground.

An alternative website to use to book is through the Clubspark LTA tennis for Britain website.

Wolstanton Park

All tennis courts at Wolstanton Park are now available to book to use for free sessions.

For further information please see the LTA Tennis for Britain web site and search for Wolstanton Park.

Court bookings

All courts need to be booked online as per the directions above. However if you have had an issue booking on, then please go through the options below.

Once I have booked by court, how do I get access?

Once you have booked your court, you will receive your booking confirmation which will include a PIN which you can then enter into the keypad at the gate booking PIN will be active 5 minutes before the booked session and throughout the booked session.   

Where do I enter the PIN?

The keypad is on the gate which opens onto the courts.

Westlands Sports Ground has 3 access gates: 1 Gate for courts 1 to 4, 1 gate for courts 5 and 6 and 1 gate for courts 7 to 10. Your PIN will work only for the access gate for the court that you have booked for.

Wolstanton Park has 1 access gate for the four courts on its site.

You must press the * button before entering your six digit number.

What if I forget my access code?

The access PIN code will be on the confirmation email you receive immediately after you book.

What do I do it my PIN doesn’t work?

Firstly, please check that your booking is correct. Then check you are within the timeframe that the PIN is active.

What happens if I input my PIN incorrectly?

Please press # to clear and re-input your code. If you enter your code incorrectly 3 times, you will need to wait 1 minute before trying again.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your booking online. Out of courtesy, please cancel as soon as you know so anyone wanting to book a court can use the cancelled slot. Bookings can be cancelled by using the 'manage my booking' button and selecting 'cancel'.

Is there an app to use for booking tennis courts?

There is now an app that can be downloaded for free to use for all court bookings. Please download the Clubspark Booker app and you can book tennis courts for both sites.