Brampton Park

Brampton Museum is in beautiful Brampton Park, the borough's flagship park. It has Green Flag status. With its beautiful, mature trees and shrubs, it is a wonderful place to wander, relax and have fun.

The park was originally two gardens divided between the two Victorian villas on the park:

  • The Firs (now the museum)
  • Pitfield House (now a cafe and Giggles and Wiggles nursery)

Before, that, the land was part of the Brampton Field. This was common land, grazed and cultivated by the town burgesses.

The name Brampton means 'place where broom grew'. The town burgesses sold Brampton Field after the 1845 Inclosure Act. It became a residential area for the town's professional classes, such as shopkeepers and business owners. The houses on the park, date from the 1850s.

The land has been parkland since the 1950s for the enjoyment of the people of the borough.