Brampton Park

Park attractions

Amongst the park’s many attractions are:

  • an aviary and small mammals area. Can you persuade the parrots to talk to you or imitate a telephone? *
  • a children's play area full of exciting equipment - run around, climb and jump!
  • a sandpit with water pump - who needs the seaside? Nip to the museum shop to buy a bucket and spade for a real seaside experience! *
  • a rose garden and sensory garden. Somewhere to relax and stimulate your senses - sit among the lavendar and thyme. Watch the bees going from flower to flower
  • a miniature railway. All aboard on Sundays from May to September. Volunteers of the North Staffordshire Model Engineering Society run this. Visit their website for more details
  • open space and amazing trees - enjoy the outdoors! There is lots of space for ball games, running, rolling and having picnics under the trees. In autumn, it is a great place to collect conkers

Please note: due to construction work at the museum, the aviary and the sandpit will be closed to the public from 1 March 2021.

There is also a cafe and soft play area in the park.

Sculptures and memorials

There are a growing number of sculptures and memorials in the park.

These include 'The Lady in the Park', seated on a bench under the trees. She is a memorial to all the women in Newcastle-under-Lyme who lost husbands, sons and friends in the First World War and subsequent conflicts.