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Volunteer expenses claims guidance

Recording your volunteer hours

Every time you volunteer please sign in and out at the museum or record your hours using this online timesheet.

Travel expenses

The following principles should be followed to ensure that best use of public money is maintained in respect of travel claims:

  • volunteers should manage their travel appointments effectively, taking the shortest journey possible
  • volunteers should avoid making multiple journeys in one day which involve return to base/home if this can be avoided
  • volunteers can only claim for travel within the boundaries of Newcastle-under-Lyme borough
  • travel claims will be reviewed by the authorising manager and any discrepancies or perceived non-adherence to the above will be discussed to ensure full understanding of appropriate travel
  • any concerns regarding potentially fraudulent or persistently inefficient travel claims may result in the volunteer position being discontinued

Claim expenses by filling in this online form at home or at the museum:

Claim your expenses

Vehicle mileage rate

  • Car - 53p
  • Motorbike - 24p
  • Bicycle - 20p

Food expenses

If you are volunteering for the whole day and aren't able to bring a packed lunch you can claim for the cost of a sandwich or soup in our café. Do let your named supervisor know if this would be helpful.