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For easy access

Entering the museum

There is one entrance for visitors outside the sandpit play area at the side of the museum building when approached from the front car park. The entrance can be approached by three steps or a ramp with a gradient suitable for wheelchairs.

Large automatic double doors provide the entrance to our building.

There is a Visitor Services Assistant at reception to help to direct visitors around our building and to open the front double doors should further access be required for larger mobility vehicles.

Wheelchair access and accessible toilet

There is wheelchair access available to all areas. We also have an accessible toilet.

We have a wheelchair available to visitors kindly donated to us by Castle Comfort Centre, Wolstanton.

Portable hearing loop

For visitors with a hearing impairment, we have a portable induction loop at reception and also an induction loop in the main gallery. These can be used by switching hearing aids to the T-position.

British Sign Language Interpretation

A Local British Sign Language interpreter can be provided free of charge at any of our events. Please provide 1 weeks’ notice. You can tell us about this when booking tickets  in the section “is there anything we can do to make this event more accessible to you” or by emailing

Visual impairments

The museum can provide free of charge touch tours for individuals and groups with visual impairments. To book please contact the museum on 01782 619705 or email

The museum can provide large print versions of all exhibition material and can provide exhibition material printed on different coloured background. This can be provided at request on arrival or can be pre-ordered by contacting the museum by phone: 01782 619705 or email