Information requirements and validation for planning applications

The local list

A comprehensive local list has been agreed and published. If an application submitted lacks the necessary information specified on the local list, we will be entitled to invalidate the application and so decline to determine it.

We will still need to take a proportionate approach when validating, however, so that applications are not rendered invalid by the omission of an item of information that would add little to our understanding of the development proposal. Pre-application discussion is strongly encouraged to enable discussion and hopefully agreement as to what additional information is necessary and proportionate for the particular development proposed.

Where the applicant disagrees with us as to the particulars or evidence to be included, the applicant may send a notice to the authority which must:

  • specify which particulars or evidence the applicant considers do not meet the requirements set out in article 34(6)(c) of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015
  • set out the reasons the applicant relies upon holding that view
  • request the authority to include those particulars or evidence in the application

Following receipt of the notice we must notify the applicant either that they no longer require the particulars or evidence or confirm that it continues to require it.

Download the local list