Information requirements and validation for planning applications

The national and local lists

Different types and scale of application require different levels of information and supporting documentation to be submitted in support of the application. The required information for a valid application to be submitted falls into two categories:

  • the national list - national mandatory information
  • the local list - additional information required by local planning authorities necessary to make a decision on the application


The purpose of the validation arrangements is to:

  • provide a guide to the information that may be required at the outset
  • enable the local planning authority to provide applicants with certainty as to the information required
  • enable the local planning authority to have all the necessary information to determine the application and to draft the planning permission and all conditions
  • minimise the need for further submission of additional information in order to allow local planning authorities a reasonable opportunity to determine applications within the target period
  • ensure consistency in the approach taken by different local planning authorities in registering and validating applications whilst recognising the need for variation appropriate to local circumstances

Our requirements

Where a submission is required under any of the categories, we will require four copies (except when applications are submitted electronically).

For complex applications, additional copies may be requested to assist in the speed of determining the application.