Pre-application advice service

Our service

When you use our pre-application service, our Planning Officers will:

  • research the history of your site to see if Permitted Development rights have been previously removed or there are any constraints such as a flood zone, green belt or conservation area
  • conduct a site visit if required
  • explain how we will apply relevant planning policies and standards in relation to your application
  • discuss the proposal with you or your representative, if needed, via telephone
  • look at the need for further investigations or key groups that need to be spoken to
  • seek the views of our development team where the development proposed is major
  • let you know whether we think you should continue with your planning application

In all cases, advice will be given to the best of an officer's professional judgement based on information available in an accurate and objective way, but without prejudice to the formal consideration of any future planning application which will be subject to wider consultation.

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