Monitoring information

Annual monitoring reports (AMRs)

In March 2011, the government withdrew the formal guidance on producing annual monitoring reports and removed the need to report on national performance indicators.

Previously, local planning authorities had a statutory duty to prepare an annual monitoring report and to submit it to the Secretary of State by the end of each calendar year.

The AMR served the following main purposes:

  • to measure our progress in terms of the production of our local development framework (LDF), against the milestones set out within the local development scheme (LDS)
  • to assess the degree to which policies are successfully implemented within the LDF - mainly the core spatial strategy and ‘saved’ local plan policies
  • to include data relating to a series of national and local indicators as specified by the Department of Communities and Local Government, or identified through the LDF process
  • additionally, contextual data is also monitored through the AMR, which provides a backdrop against which the impacts of policies can be assessed, whilst also informing the interpretation of ‘output’ and ‘significant effect indicators’

The AMRs can be downloaded from the downloads section.