High hedge complaints

Make a complaint

Things to note

Pleas be aware of the following:

  • the person making a complaint must be the owner or occupier of the residential property affected by a high hedge
  • if you do not own the property, for example if you are a tenant or a leaseholder, you can still make a complaint, but you should let the owner know what you are doing
  • the property you live in must include some living accommodation, otherwise we cannot consider the complaint
  • the complaint procedure only applies to evergreen hedges on someone else’s land that are over two metres high
  • ensure you have tried to resolve the issue without our involvement first
  • please read all documents carefully before completing


The fee for a high hedge complaint is £300.

Complaint application documents

Download our advice pack and application forms

What happens next?

Once your complaint and fee are received, an officer will assess the application, any supporting evidence and undertake an initial appraisal of the hedge to ensure that it is a valid complaint.