Charging policy

Payment methods and facilities

Charges may be collected either by requiring users to make payment at the time of service delivery (cash income) or at a later date following receipt of an invoice or notice to pay, or equivalent (credit income). In some circumstances potential users may be required to make payment in advance of receiving the service. Options employed in relation to particular charges will depend upon the circumstances applicable to the service and its users and will have regard to the convenience to users of the method chosen and the safeguarding of our position in relation to the potential for non-payment.

Payment may be made by the following means:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • bank transfer
  • giro account transfer
  • credit or debit card in person
  • credit or debit card over the telephone
  • via our web site using credit or debit cards
  • direct debit
  • via the PayPoint system

Options permitted in relation to particular charges will depend upon the circumstances applicable to the service and its users.

Facilities for the payment of charges will, wherever possible, be accessible and convenient.

Service users will be strongly encouraged to make payment electronically or using automated means in order to streamline the process, thereby reducing costs and providing added security and effectiveness.

There will be a presumption that all income due to be paid will be collected. Full use will be made of all remedies available to collect income in cases where users do not pay, including court action where necessary. In exceptional cases, if individuals or organisations have difficulty in paying the full amount due immediately, consideration may be given to agreeing arrangements for them to pay over an extended period of time.

Where individuals or organisations consistently fail to pay for services provided, such services will cease to be provided to them until all outstanding charges have been paid and they may, in future, be required to pay in advance of service provision or may be refused service provision where this can be applied.

Refunds of overpaid or wrongly paid charges will be made promptly once it has been established that a refund is appropriate.