Charging policy

Review of charges

Our charges will be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are fit for purpose, continue to contribute to the furtherance of its objectives and, where set to recover costs, continue to do so.

Reviews will consider the following factors, plus any others relevant to particular charges:

  • the income which is being collected at current charging levels and whether this is in line with budget forecasts
  • the cost of service provision compared to the charges being made
  • whether a service being provided on the basis of charges being set to recover costs should continue to be provided in cases where costs appear likely to exceed the income which it can reasonably be expected to generate. This will especially apply where there is at least one alternative service provider, particularly from within the private sector
  • the use being made of the service, both in absolute terms and by reference to classes of users and whether this shows all classes are using the service to the extent intended or if any are being deterred from using the service
  • are concessions being taken up by the people at whom they are targeted?
  • what is the impact, intended or unintended, of charges on local people?
  • in cases where charges are set to either encourage or deter activity, whether this is happening and the extent to which it is happening
  • whether any related benefits from the charging policy being deployed are being realised and the extent of realisation
  • comparisons with charges being made by neighbouring or similar councils or by other organisations providing similar services both as to the level of charges and the impact which charges have on changing behaviour

The scale of fees and charges will be considered and approved by Cabinet on an annual basis. This does not preclude reviews of particular charges taking place at any time where it is felt that this is necessary.