Treasury management strategy report 2016-17

Statutory reporting requirements

We are required to receive and approve, as a minimum, three main reports each year, which incorporate a variety of policies, estimates and actuals.

Prudential and treasury indicators and treasury strategy (this report). The first, and most important report covers:

  • the capital plans (including prudential indicators)
  • a minimum revenue provision (MRP) policy (how residual capital expenditure is charged to revenue over time)
  • the treasury management strategy (how the investments and borrowings are to be organised) including treasury indicators
  • an investment strategy (the parameters on how investments are to be managed)

Other reports

A mid year treasury management report

This will update members with the progress of the capital position, amending prudential indicators as necessary, and whether any policies require revision.

An annual treasury outturn report

This provides details of a selection of actual prudential and treasury indicators and actual treasury operations compared to the estimates within the strategy.


The above reports are required to be adequately scrutinised before being recommended to us. This role is undertaken by both the Audit and Risk Committee and the Finance, Resources and Partnerships Scrutiny Committee.