Whistleblowing policy

Aims and scope of the policy

This policy aims to:

  • provide avenues for you to raise concerns and receive feedback on any action taken
  • allow you to take the matter further if you are dissatisfied with our response
  • reassure you that you will be protected from reprisals or victimisation for whistle blowing, and will be supported throughout the process

There are existing procedures in place to enable you to lodge a grievance relating to your concerns. That concern may be about something which:

  • is unlawful
  • is a breach of health and safety
  • is a safeguarding issue
  • is against our contract procedures, financial regulations or other policies
  • falls below established standards or practices
  • amounts to improper conduct

This policy supports our :

  • anti-fraud and anti-corruption framework
  • corporate health and safety policy
  • the safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy