What we are doing about Walleys Quarry

Our role and actions

In relation to the landfill, we are responsible for assessing statutory nuisance. This includes:

  • noise and vibration
  • dust
  • odours
  • insects

We can only take formal action where issues from the landfill are affecting premises, be it at a home or a workplace and are causing an ‘actionable statutory nuisance in law’. The evidence must show that there is a material interference with the reasonable use and enjoyment of premises.

The following points, based on legal decisions from the courts, are considered in this assessment:

  • nature of the nuisance
  • the time it occurs (what may be acceptable at a particular time of day may not be so at a more sensitive time)
  • how often it occurs
  • its duration
  • how significantly it impacts on how a premises is reasonably used
  • the locality in which the nuisance occurs (what may be acceptable in an industrial area is not necessarily appropriate for a residential area)
  • potential health effects