What we are doing about Walleys Quarry

Staffordshire County Council’s role and actions

The county council are responsible for determining and monitoring planning permission. It is also responsible for improving the health of the county’s population.

In relation to the landfill, the following is applicable:

  • the planning permission restricts the hours of operation for most activities to 07:00 to 19:00 Mondays to Fridays, 07:00 to 13:00 Saturdays and no operations on Sundays, Bank and Public Holidays (Condition 10)
  • the planning permission allows the importation of inert waste, non-hazardous industrial and commercial wastes and stable non-reactive hazardous wastes (Condition 8). Waste types are specified in the EA permit
  • the planning permission allows up to 880 HGV movements per full working week (440 in and 440 out)
  • HGVs are permitted to access the A34 via any of three routes (Church Lane/Lower Milehouse Lane, Silverdale Road/Knutton Lane, or Cemetery Road/Keele Road) or they can use the A525 Keele Road if travelling to/from the west of the site. Details are available on the Staffordshire County Council website approved under the permission reference IDO/N/1 216 MW D4
  • the planning permission allows the landfilling operations to continue until 2042 (inert waste only after 31 December 2026)
  • the requirement to host a ‘Walley’s Liaison’ meeting is also part of the planning permission, this meeting provides summaries of the regulation and any complaints received
  • advice has been sought from Health Security Agency in relation to any reported health concerns and advice to GPs and concerned individuals

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