Missed collections

To avoid missed collections make sure your bin, bag or caddy is at the kerbside by 6.00 a.m.

Breakdowns, bad weather, roadworks and crew changes can affect the routes of our vehicles. We make over 500,000 collections each month with a 99% success rate. We have cameras on the vehicles to check missed bin reports.

Please ask yourself the following:

  • was your bin, bag or caddy out at 6:00 a.m.?
  • was your collection changed because of bank holidays such as Christmas or New Year?
  • did your bin, bag or caddy have the right things in?
  • if your garden waste bin wasn’t emptied, do you have a valid subscription?
  • did delivery vehicles or parked cars block access?
  • was the bin too heavy?
  • was your bin clearly visible from the road?

If we were unable to make a collection we will already know about it, and will have a plan to return.

If bad weather affected your collections we will have information on the extreme weather page. You can also follow us on Facebook for updates.