Need a little extra help?

Extra household rubbish capacity

More or bigger household rubbish bin capacity is only available if: 

  • there are 6 or more permanent residents living at your property and

  • you are generating extra waste for medical reasons 

A site visit may be required.

How do I apply?

Complete the additional capacity online application form.

Apply for an extra capacity bin

What size bins are available?

  • standard rubbish bin - holds 180 litres of rubbish
  • larger bin - holds 240 litres of rubbish

Please note: it is your responsibility to ensure that your bins are kept safe between collections. The bin must be kept on your property.

What if my property is unsuitable for a wheelie bin?

If your property is not suitable for a wheelie bin, you will be provided with two black sacks every fortnight, which is the equivalent of a standard rubbish bin.

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