ActiveLife: Fall Prevention Programme

Who can be referred?

The Falls Prevention Programme offers tailored weekly group exercise sessions for Newcastle-under-Lyme residents aged 65 and above who:

  • are living independently in the community
  • dealing with a history of falls
  • have afear of falling
  • have issues with strength, mobility, and balance.

The12-week evidence-based programme incorporates weekly strength and balance classes, aimed at improving strength, balance, and co-ordination.

To join, individuals need a referral from a physiotherapist or health professional. Residents must be in a stable condition, safe to exercise and not awaiting further investigation.

Inclusion criteria

  • Age of 65+
  • Need to be able to stand and perform walking exercises (with support of chair or walking aid).
  • Able to follow instructions independently.
  • You have not been a member of or been on any programme at Jubilee2 in the past 3 months.
  • Must live in the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Exclusion criteria

  • Unknown cause of falls requiring further clinical assessment.
  • Housebound.
  • Unable to self-care.
  • Unable to stand and exercise without assistance.
  • Individuals experiencing acute uncontrolled psychiatric conditions.