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Private Hire Operator Licence

From 1 November 2019 there is an update to the Taxi Licensing Policy which will mean that there are changes to our requirements for Private Hire Operators in the Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council area.  Please consult the policy for further information. 

Applying for a Private Hire Operator Licence

To allow the operator’s licence to be renewed, a renewal application form must be received by the Council in full and in good time to allow us enough time to process the renewal application. Once a licence expires, is revoked (subject to a statutory appeal process) or is surrendered, it ceases to exist and applicants will not be required to make a new application and any rights to use premises located outside of the borough will be lost.  You will also be unable to take bookings in this intervening period.

Operator Base Location

All new applicants must have a base within Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough in order to ensure that we can inspect the base and associated operator records to check compliance with the licence conditions.

Private Hire Operators that hold a licence with the Council and operate their businesses from premises located outside of the borough as of 1 November 2019, when the policy was introduced, will continue to be licensed from that premises providing that they renew their licence prior to it expiring.

Last updated 13 November 2019

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