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Private Hire Vehicle

For a Private Hire vehicle to meet the Council's criteria it must:-

  • Not be, or resemble, a purpose built hackney carriage. A private hire vehicle may be any colour other than black.
  • Be pre-booked and operated by a Private Hire Operator who is licensed by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
  • Only be driven by a person who holds a current Dual Driver Badge with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
  • Not wait on a taxi rank
  • Be less than five years of age when first tested by the Council depot
  • Have at least four doors excluding a tailgate
  • Not be a convertible, but a sun roof may be fitted
  • Be fitted with rear passenger windows which allow a minimum of 35 per cent transmission of light
  • Not be modified from the original manufacturers specification

Appointments are required for all applications and must be accompanied by the following (original) documentation.  Appointments can be booked on 01782 717717 - please note that it is the applicant's responsibility to make the appointment in good time to prevent any gap in the licence.

  • A completed Vehicle Application form
  • The fee – only credit/debit card payments and cheques will be accepted
  • V5 Log book or proof of ownership
  • A current VOSA MOT certificate
  • Current Private Hire insurance

All vehicles must pass the Council’s compliance test before a plate will be issued.  A vehicle test appointment will be booked at the application appointment once all of the above have been received.

Any vehicle failing to attend a scheduled Council depot test without at least 24 hours written notice will incur a fee.

Any incomplete applications will be rejected. 


Last Updated 12 December 2018

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