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Scrap Metal Dealers

A Scrap Metal Licence is intended for individuals wishing to hold ‘licensable activities’ as a scrap metal collector or at a scrap metal site in Newcastle-under-Lyme. There are two types of licence:-

  • Site Licence: A site is defined as "any premise used in the course of carrying on business as a scrap metal dealer (whether or not metal is kept there)." A dealer also includes someone carrying on business as a motor salvage operator
  • Collectors Licence: A collector is defined as a person who carries on business as a scrap metal dealer, other than at a site, and regularly engages in the course of that business in collecting waste materials and old, broken, worn out or defaced articles.

What you will need to apply:-

  • Submit a completed application form (the link is below to download the form or to apply online)
  • Submit a Basic Disclosure of Criminal Convictions (the applicant is responsible for the payment of the fee.  Your disclosure must be under three months old from the date of issue on the certificate. Your application will be rejected if you do not submit a relevant disclosure or if you submit one that is over three months old)
  • Submit two colour passport sized photographs of yourself and your site manager (if relevant) which should not be more than three months old. One photograph must be endorsed on the reverse as being a true likeness of you/your site manager
  • Submit a completed disclosure of relevant and foreign convictions
  • The fee

There are guidance notes in the application form for your assistance.  The link for the form is below:

Scrap Metal Dealer Online Application



Last updated 2 February 2021

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