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Animal Activities: Licensed Premises

This page lists the businesses and individuals which have been inspected by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and which meet the required standards to receive a licence.

Licences are issued in connection with standards and conditions set by:

  1. The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) England Regulations 2018
  1. Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
  1. Zoo Licensing Act 1981


The information we provide

The Government's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) encourages councils to maintain a list of licenced businesses and their associated ratings on their websites. However the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has also ruled on whether businesses should be listed.  The businesses listed on this page have been advised that their details would be published here.  Where licence holders have objected, their details have not been included.

We will regularly review the content of this page to make sure it complies with DEFRA and ICO requirements, and to add and remove entries as licences are issued, varied, renewed, or expire.


Rating Businesses

The 2018 regulations created a rating system for businesses it applies to.  Animal Activities can be graded from one star to five stars.  Grades are based on the standards of the premises and the knowledge, experience and training of the licence holder. 

Grades determine how often a business in inspected. One and two star businesses are inspected each year.  Three and four star businesses are inspected every two years, and five star businesses are inspected every three years.

One star is issued to established businesses which have yet to achieve the 2018 standards.  Two and three star businesses have met the minimum conditions laid down in the schedules and guidance. Four stars can be given where higher standards have been met,  but the business remains higher risk. Businesses can be awarded five stars once they have operated for more than three years and have achieved a ‘higher standard’, as set out in official guidance.

Where a business undertakes two or more activities, for example where a kennels also breeds dogs, they will appear in the list several times, each element will be inspected according to the regulations and guidance, but the grading awarded will be the lowest of the inspections.

There is currently no grading system in respect of Dangerous Wild Animals Licences or Zoo Licencing.

Selling Animals as Pets

A-Z Aquatics ltd - Balterley: 3 Star

Countryside Aquatics – Maer: 2 Star

Pets & Pastimes - Butt Lane: 3 Star

Kidsgrove Tropicals & Water Garden Centre – Kidsgrove: 5 Star

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The Meadows Cattery – Newchapel: 1 Star

Keele Cattery – Keele: 1 Star

Lavender Cottage Cattery - Kidsgrove:  2 Star

Laurels Boarding Cattery - Madeley: 3 star

Debs’ Cats Pyjamas - Harriseahead: 3 Star

Edland Cattery – Madeley: 2 Star

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Valley View Kennels - Harriseahead: 1 Star

Monkey Tree Kennels - Betley: 1 Star

Edland Boarding Kennels - Madeley: 2 Star

Eardley Hall Kennels - Bignall End: 3 Star

Pooch Perfect Canine Hotel - Talke: 3 Star

Greyhound Gap - Kidsgrove: 3 Star

Audley Lodge Boarding Kennels - Audley: 5 star

Ranworth Lodge Kennels - Loggerheads: 5 Star

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Home Boarding of Dogs

Paw City - Bradwell: 2 Star

PHG Kidsgrove & Newcastle - Kidsgrove: 2 Star

Scruffy Mutts - Kidsgrove: 3 Star

Adventure Pet Care - Westlands: 3 Star

Lundy Home Boarding - Talke: 4 Star

Pet Stay - Clayton: 4 Star

Wags, Woofs & Whiskers - Cross Heath:  4 Star

Paws Retreat - Harriseahead: 5 Star

Waggy Walkers  -  Halmerend: 5 Star

Country Canines - Halmerend: 5 Star

It’s a Dog’s Life - Mowcop:  2 Star

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Arranging Home Boarding of Dogs

The regulations require any person who operates a business, as a booking agent, placing dogs with host families to hold a licence from the council where they have host families.  Host families are generally only paid expenses, and may wish to look after a dog only from time to time. The arranger will generally not tell the dog owner which host they have chosen for their dog.

The Borough Council does not currently visit host families to confirm their standards. It does however check that the arranger understand the regulations and their obligations to ensure appropriate welfare standards are achieved and maintained by the hosts they select.

We currently have no licenced Arrangers

Day Care for Dogs

It’s a Dog’s Life - Mow Cop: 2 star

Hiring of Horses

Whitmore Riding School - Newcastle: Inspection Pending (July 2019)

Rockley Stables Ltd - Scot Hay: Inspection Pending (July 2019)

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Dog Breeders

Dragonborn Ltd - Harriseahead: 4 Star

Mr & Mrs Lowe - Newcastle: 3 Star

Pooch Perfect Canine Hotel - Talke: 3 Star

Eardley Hall Kennels - Bignall End: 3 Star

Helen Gribbin - Clayton: 4 Star

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Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition

We currently have no persons / businesses licenced to keep or train animals for exhibition

Dangerous Wild Animals

No Dangerous Wild Animals licences have been issued by the Borough Council within the last 10 years.


No Zoo licences have been issued by the Borough Council within the last 10 years.

Last updated 15 April 2019

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