Animal activity licences that have been issued

Dog breeding licences

The following are the most recent licences that have been issued:

  • Dragonborn Ltd, Harriseahead: 4 star
  • Mr & Mrs Lowe, Newcastle: 3 star
  • Pooch Perfect Canine Hotel - Talke: 5 star
  • Eardley Hall Kennels, Bignall End: 3 star
  • Helen Gribbin, Clayton: 4 star
  • Mrs Underwood, Bignall End: 2 star
  • Mr Morris/Ms Heath, Betley: 3 star
  • Kingswood, Wolstanton: 4 star
  • Karen Vernon (Kipalla), Chesterton: 2 Star

Request a licence re-inspection

If you have made changes to your business since the licence inspection and have made improvements, you can request a re-inspection to re-assess your star rating. 

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