Change, update or dispute an animal activities licence

Dispute a star rating

If you wish to dispute the star rating given you should first send an email to

We will aim to respond within 7 days of your request.

Appeal a decision

If you are not satisfied with the officer’s explanation, you have the option to formally appeal.  You must make your appeal in writing and submit it within 21 days of your grading being issued.

This can be by letteror email:

  • Postal address: Neighbourhood Delivery, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, Castle House, Barracks Road, Newcastle, ST5 1BL

You can withdraw your appeal afterwards if you wish.

An appeal will be considered by the head of the department. We must consider the appeal and provide a decision to the business within 21 days of the written appeal request being received.

The costs of any additional inspections related to the appeal will be borne by the applicant unless it results in a higher rating being awarded. This will depend on the nature of the dispute and whether a decision can or cannot be made on the basis of the paperwork.

If you then disagree with the outcome of the appeal, you can challenge our decision through judicial review or you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman if you consider that we have not properly followed the regulations and any statutory guidance.