Rules and regulations for cemeteries and the crematorium

Special prohibitions

The following prohibitions apply:

  • except in the funeral procession, no horse or vehicle will be admitted unless by special permission or permit of us (all vehicles must be driven at walking pace)

  • cycles must not be ridden

  • prams and pushchairs must be in control of an adult

  • children under the age of 12 are not allowed except under the care and control of an adult

  • users of the cemeteries and crematorium are asked not to walk on graves or memorials

  • members of staff are not allowed to accept gratuities

  • photographing a funeral procession, grave, vault or memorial is not allowed without permission from us

  • we may at any time exclude from the cemeteries or crematorium any person who conducts themselves in a noisy, disorderly or inappropriate manner, who is under the influence of drink or drugs, uses improper language or refuses to comply with any of these regulations

  • no person is permitted to enter or leave the cemeteries and crematorium except by the proper entrance and exit gates

  • dogs must be kept on leads at all time