Rules and regulations for cemeteries and the crematorium

Further regulations

All memorials must comply with the rules and regulations in place. 

In the interest of safety to visitors and staff in the cemeteries and crematorium grounds, and to avoid interference with maintenance and damage to equipment, any decorative or breakable objects are not allowed on grave spaces. These include:

  • glass
  • pottery
  • vases
  • statues
  • bottles
  • fencing/wirework
  • candles
  • lanterns
  • windmills
  • flags
  • toys
  • gravel
  • ornaments
  • memorabilia

Small potted plants are allowed but must be kept within the grave area and must not encroach on neighbouring spaces. These can be placed in the headborders and on cremated remains foundation slabs but must not be planted in the headborder or in the grave space area. 

Any freestanding objects placed on or around memorials are left at the owner’s risk and we take no responsibility for damage or loss of these items. 

Any objects placed on or around memorials or left in the grave areas may be removed by a member of staff if they are hazardous or interfere with maintenance work.