Club Lyme Fitness frequently asked questions

How can I arrange to have a gym 'welcome' or programme review?

When you join our reception team will get you booked in for your gym induction, alternatively if you have joined online you can either pop in or call us on 01782 616606 and we can book your gym induction for you.

If you would like a programme review or if you would simply like to meet up with one of the fitness team again you can book this with one of our gym team on your next visit.

How long does the welcome take?

At Jubilee2 we always suggest having a full induction which could take up to 45 minutes. This means that one of our gym team can design a personal fitness programme specific to you and your goals which in turn will help you see results.

What should I wear?

Please come in appropriate exercise clothing and trainers - whatever you feel comfortable in.

What if I’ve never used a gym before?

If you have never used a gym before then please don't worry - you are not alone, many of our members are first time gym users too.

Our gym induction and programme appointments are designed to get you familiar with the gym and the equipment and get advice from one of our expert team. In future sessions there will always be someone on hand in the gym to help you should you need any.

What if I am a regular gym user and don't want a gym welcome?

If you've used a gym before that's great we can use the induction to make sure you really understand all we have to offer. It's also a great opportunity to get some advice, support or just have a fun with one of our expert team members.

How much does the welcome and personal programme cost?

It is free - we are here to help you get results so there is no cost for any of this support for as long as you stay a member with us.

Can I have another programme written for me later in my membership?

Of course you can - we encourage you to review your programme as you progress with your training. Regular programme updates your programme develops as your fitness improves and it keeps it fun and interesting! Don't forget this is free for you as a member.