Conservation areas

How are conservation areas protected?

New developments

In conservation areas, all new developments should give special attention to the character or appearance of the conservation area. There are stricter controls on what you can do without first receiving planning permission.


Planning permission is needed for demolition of most buildings. We want to try and keep buildings and structures which add to the character of the area.


Notice must be given to us before any works to trees are carried out. We will then consider how important the tree is to the character of the area and protect it if necessary. Find out more about trees in conservation areas and tree preservation orders.

Other considerations

These could be:

  • design of new development and extensions
  • fully considering the heritage and justifying proposals in a heritage statement
  • preparing proposals for enhancement, where possible and appropriate
  • providing advice to owners
  • consideration of restricting minor developments through Article 4 Directions to stop the erosion of character by loss of building details like historic doors windows and other features
  • reviewing areas and monitoring change to ensure character is retained into the future
  • historic building grants may be available to help with repairs