Conservation areas

Is your home or business in a conservation area?

If your home or business is in a conservation area there may be restrictions over demolition or changes you may wish to carry out. You should get advice before making any changes to make sure the changes do not harm area’s appearance. These changes include cladding, dormer windows, satellite dishes visible from the road.   

Article 4 Directions can also give further protection and help control removal of timber windows, doors, chimneys and rendering or painting unpainted brickwork. 

There are currently 11 areas with Article 4 Directions. To see if the area is affected by an Article 4 Direction, please see our list if conservation areas and the associated documents. 

If your home or business is in a conservation area or affected by an Article 4 Direction and you want to carry out any changes it is always best to contact us first for advice for advice and guidance.  

Contact the Conservation Officer