About My Account

Managing your Council Tax online

Many residents of the borough already manage their Council Tax online. When you register for your own free online account, you will be able to:

  • view and track your Council Tax bills at any time
  • set up, change and manage your payments
  • tell us you have moved home or moved in to the area
  • apply for or cancel a single person discount
  • switch to paperless billing

You can manage your account any time, any day, without the need to call us.

How to manage Council Tax online

Once you have registered for your own online account, to see your Council Tax we will need a little extra info to keep your account safe. This includes:

  • your Council Tax account number
  • name and property postcode as shown on your Council Tax bill - please make sure you enter your name and postcode exactly as it is shown on your Council Tax bill

Then, please follow these steps:

  1. register or log in to your My Account
  2. select 'Manage your Council Tax' from the selection of buttons
  3. enter your Council Tax account number, name and postcode as shown on your Council Tax bill