The mayor

The current mayor

The current mayor for 2021 to 2022 is Councillor Ken Owen.

Here is an introduction from Ken Owen: 

My name is Ken Owen, I am 68 years of age and live in the Chesterton area.  I am one of the Councillors for the Holditch and Chesterton Ward .  My Mayoress is Rachel Eaton and  my grandson Daniel McDonald is my High Constable. 


I have worked in the community for many years, becoming a borough councillor in 2014.  


I am a keen advocate of working closely with our community and for making the most of the important historical heritage of the borough, I will do my utmost during my time in office to bring Newcastle back to the forefront in ensuring our heritage and our facilities are promoted. 


My chosen charities are the Tri-Services and Veterans Support Centre and the Royal British Legion.  I would appreciate everyone's support in maximising the fundraising efforts for this very worthy cause. 


It is an absolute honour and privilege to represent this loyal and ancient borough and I feel extremely proud.