The mayor

Support for the mayor

The mayor is supported in their role by the mayor’s secretary who is a member of staff.

The mayor is also supported during their year of office by:

High constable

The mayor appoints their high constable at annual council and they serve for one year. On ceremonial occasions the high constable accompanies the mayor and carries an oak staff, which has been in use since 1732. The staff is 6ft 3inches long and is emblazoned with a gold representation of the common seal surmounted by the Crown. Underneath is 'GR', the cypher of George II and the date 1732.

Mayor’s sergeant

The mayor's sergeant will accompany the mayor on more major civic occasions such as the annual civic service and Remembrance Sunday. They also attend council meetings announcing the mayor into the council chamber and assists at receptions hosted by the mayor.

At these occasions the sergeant carries the town criers truncheon which is believed to have been presented to the borough by Rowland Cotton, MP for the area in 1700.

The truncheon is a little over 40 inches long and is surmounted by a representation in bell metal of a bust of Elizabeth I.

Mace bearers

The mayor appoints two mace bearers at annual council. Their role is to carry the two ceremonial maces at all official civic occasions as well as meetings of the council. In all cases the mace bearers walk immediately in front of the mayor. During council meetings the maces are placed in stands positioned either side of the mayor’s seat.

Mayor’s chauffeur

The chauffeur will drive the mayor to some engagements using the civic car.