Noise pollution complaints

Reporting a noise pollution issue

Contacting your neighbour

In many cases, you may be able to resolve the issue by putting your complaint in writing to your neighbour. You could use this sample letter to do this:

Download the sample pollution complaint letter

If your neighbour is a tenant, we recommend contacting their landlord about the problem before contacting us, e.g. Aspire Housing Trust, as they can often help in ways we can’t.

If you are being affected now

If you are being affected by nuisance, you can call our customer services team on 01782 717717 and advise us that you have a problem now. 

Please note that you must be being affected:

  • at the current moment and
  • it's between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and,
  • it's a weekday.

Subject to officer availability, we will try to witness an issue where we can. We do not offer an out-of-hours service.

If you are not currently being affected

To tell us about a complaint online, you will need to register for a MyAccount. Registration is free, easy and normally takes less than a couple of minutes.

Report an issue online

Providing a nuisance diary

Please complete a diary sheet with as much detail as you can, to give us a good idea of the issues that are disturbing you.

When you have a reasonable number of entries, usually gathered over 2 to 4 weeks, you should return your diary to us by emailing it to

Do not send diaries if you have not already reported the problem to us beforehand.

Download a copy of the diary sheet

You will need to keep your diary up to date whilst your complaint is being investigated - so keep filling diary sheets out after you return them to us. You can download additional diaries if you wish.

If you do not return your diary to us, we will not be able to help you. If we do not receive your diary within 6 weeks of the date of your complaint, we will assume that the matter has been resolved and your case will be closed.

Fairness and confidentiality 

We investigate complaints as an independent body. Both parties are our clients and we have a duty to treat both fairly, respecting privacy and, where appropriate, confidentiality. We will not advise you of the discussions we have had with other parties.

Information received (your details) will not be released unless we are required by law to do so. Should enforcement action be taken your details will be made available to the court.