EH Dog Warden Service

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Outbreak - Service Update

Our services are being impacted by Covid-19 as we follow government guidance and support our residents through the pandemic.

We can currently collect stray dogs (weekdays) and investigate dangerous dog incidents.

We cannot guarantee a response for other matters.

If you need our assistance, or wish to report a dog related problem, please continue with this form.

In respect of strays, our current guidance is:

If you lose your dog:

  • Retrace your steps
  • Use social media
  • Check with local vets - someone may have contacted the to check the chip details
  • Where possible keep dogs on a lead
  • Ensure microchip details are up to date AND that dog has a collar / tag with valid mobile number.

If you find a dog:

  • Check if the owner may be near by
  • Use social media
  • Contact vets - they may be able to trace the owner from the microchip
  • Consider taking to the City Dogs Home (call first on 01782 304130 to check if they can assist)