Abandoned cars and vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle

What we can't help with

Before you report an abandoned vehicle, please consider if this is nuisance parking instead. We do not have the powers to remove a vehicle in this instance. Please visit the Staffordshire County Council website to report problems such as:

Submit a report

The easiest way to report an abandoned car or vehicle to us is using our online form. Please make sure you have read our guidance about identifying an abandoned car or vehicle.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Or you can call us on 01782 717717

What information we will need

When you report an abandoned vehicle to us you will be asked to provide as much of the following information about the vehicle as possible:

  • make and model (for example Ford Fiesta)
  • colour
  • registration number
  • location
  • condition of vehicle

What happens next?

An officer will inspect the vehicle to see what action is required.

If the vehicle is on private land, we will need permission from the landowner before action can be taken. If permission is not granted, a notice can be served on the landowner requiring them to remove the vehicle.

Is the abandoned vehicle causing a dangerous obstruction?

Please report the abandoned vehicle to the police if the vehicle is:

  • in a dangerous position
  • causing an obstruction on the highway
  • thought to be stolen or involved in crime