Gaming machines permit

If the premises are licensed to sell alcohol on the premises

If you want to have up to 2 category C or D gaming machines on your premises then you can notify us of your intent to do so.

The fee for this is £50 and there is no annual fee however in the event that you transfer the licence to a new premises licence holder the new licence holder will need to notify us again if they wish to retain the machines.

If you would like more than 2 category C or D gaming machines then you will require a permit. This permit can be transferred to the new premises licence holder and there is an annual fee to maintain it.

If the premises are clubs

Club premises are:

  • Members Clubs
  • Commercial Clubs
  • Miners Welfare Institutes

These premises can apply for a club machine permit which will allow the provision of up to 3 category B3A, B4, C or D gaming machines on the premises. Only one B3A machine can be included in the three machines. These machines must only be used by members and guests of members of the club.

If the club is open to members of the public for some reason, for example the use of a temporary event notice, then the machines should be switched off and not used.