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Club Lyme Fitness

Please Note

Due to covid-19 (‘coronavirus’) Jubilee2 is closed until further notice.


Regardless of goal or motivation, Jubilee2 is the perfect place to improve your health and fitness. In addition to a work out using hi-tech gym equipment, you can take a dip in one of two swimming pools, get your heart pumping in an exercise class or relax in the aqua sauna.

We’re committed to providing affordable membership packages tailored to suit your individual needs, so that everyone can enjoy getting fit and staying healthy.

Our friendly team of fully qualified gym instructors will provide instruction on how to use the equipment and can also help you to develop a training programme. The team is bursting with knowledge and expertise and are always on hand to support you in achieving your goals.

An all-inclusive membership package includes:

  • Swimming
  • Group exercise classes
  • 110 station gym
  • Functional Training Room
  • Spinning Studio
  • Aqua sauna
  • Aqua fitness sessions
  • Climbing
  • Swimtag - wearable technology that records your swim, including number of lengths, calories burned and much more
  • My Wellness Cloud – receive personal coaching tips and discover how your daily activities are keeping you fit and healthy by tracking exactly what you’ve done each day
  • Inclusive car parking

To find out more about our membership packages please follow this link  or call us on 01782 616606.


Last updated 21 March 2020