Kidsgrove Town Deal project: Canal enhancement

The canal corridor enhancement master-plan

This master-plan has been developed to ensure projects and improvement proposals are complementary and link to urban areas and key destinations, particularly the railway station and town centre.

Several key areas were identified for improvement along the canal. These are mainly at access points, where walkways, roads and footpaths meet the canal and/or railway.

Now that we have the approved master-plan, we have costed proposals based on need and demand.  Even though the Town Deal funding cannot cover every element in the masterplan, we are in a good position to apply for future funding should any become available.


These are:

  • new signage for orientation and interpretation
  • public realm with attractive artworks
  • protect and enhance heritage features
  • planting for nature and wildlife benefit
  • improve lighting at links onto the canal towpath
  • re-surface tow paths, providing wider, safer towpaths
  • provide better linkage to destinations on or near the canal corridor
  • clearly marked and easily accessible pedestrian and cyclist links to the station and town centre

Working with the railway station

The canal project will work together with the railway station project to deliver enhancements across the following areas:

  • area A - Congleton Road, Lock and the Bull’s Head
  • area B - The Trent and Mersey/Macclesfield canal crossing
  • area C - Second Avenue, Lock 41, pubs and Lidl
  • area D - Kidsgrove railway station
  • area E - Canal and station route/links to Kidsgrove railway station
  • area F - Harecastle Tunnel

Specific enhancement proposals

Over 20 enhancement locations and projects have been identified on the overall canal corridor enhancement master-plan, including:

  • improved ramped access e.g. ‘Blue Bell Inn’
  • screen planting e.g. along the Canal and River Trust owned land
  • improvements to ecological habitats
  • improved stepped access to station from the south
  • improved seating and access
  • upgrades to stepped access to station form the south
  • improved stepped access to station from the east
  • playable landscapes and amenity